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Scientific Advisory Board

Engimmune receives expert advice from world-leading scientists that serve as members our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Engimmune co-founder, Professor Sai Reddy (ETH Zurich), expert in immunoengineering using display technologies and computational tools, serves as Chairman of the SAB. 


Professor Alfred Zippelius (University Hospital Basel), is a clinician scientist and an expert in tumour immunology and applied cancer immunotherapy. Professor Bruno Correia (EPFL), is an expert in de novo immune protein design using computational methods. Dr. Andrew Gerry is an expert in the preclinical development of TCR-T cell therapies and their translation into clinical trials. 

Sai Reddy, .png

Chairman of the SAB


Member of the SAB

Bruno Corriea.jpg

Member of the SAB

Jez Gerry 2022 Headshot.jpg

Member of the SAB

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