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Our approach

TCR-based therapies are an emerging class of drugs leveraging the recognition of tumour-associated antigens to promote targeted cytotoxicity of malignant cells. Soluble TCR approaches provide a unique mechanism of action that addresses many obstacles associated with targeting solid tumours, enabling:

  • Targeting of intracellular antigens

  • High-affinity binding to low-copy number peptide targets

  • Tumour-targeted biodistribution

  • Sustained recruitment of effector immune cells

Targeting solid tumours with soluble TCRs

Engimmune MOA.png

Soluble TCR therapies, however, pose a development challenge requiring multiparameter protein engineering to identify stable, highly potent TCRs that induce durable antitumour responses with no relevant off-target activity.

Engimmune’s proprietary AI-guided platforms accelerate the development of stable, soluble, multi-specific TCRs with extremely high affinity for their target antigens. We couple protein engineering with functional screening, machine learning and innovative high-throughput solutions to rapidly deliver specificity- and affinity-enhanced soluble TCR (specTR) immune cell engagers. Our specTR molecules are designed using a biology-driven approach and optimized across multiple parameters, including affinity, manufacturability, function and safety, to achieve a more efficient redirection of antitumour immunity.

Safety first 

Our unique technologies enable Engimmune to screen for potential off-target effects at the start of the engineering process, resulting in early identification of highly de-risked candidates. We call this approach “specificity-guided affinity maturation,” which greatly increases both the speed and efficiency of clinical candidate selection activities.

Combining protein engineering and AI to rapidly deliver specTR therapeutics

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