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Our approach

TCR-based therapies are an emerging class of drugs, which are broadly divided into TCR-redirected T cell therapies (TCR-T) and soluble TCR biologics (sTCRs) and leverage TCR recognition of antigens (e.g., tumour-associated antigens) to promote targeted cytotoxicity. TCR-based therapies also open possibilities for entirely new mechanisms of action for the treatment of autoimmunity.

When developing TCR-T or sTCR therapies it is technically challenging to identify highly potent TCRs with no relevant off-target activity as well as to ensure durable anti-tumour responses, including potent activation of effector functions. 


Engimmune’s platform technologies have been developed to address the multiple challenges affecting the TCR-based therapeutic discovery and development process, offering innovative high-throughput solutions to TCR engineering and safety screening. Therefore, Engimmune is uniquely positioned  to address key issues in the TCR-based immunotherapy field, most notably through the discovery and development of highly potent and specific TCR-based therapeutic products.

Our platform technologies build on a toolbox combining three revolutionary methods in the life sciences.

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Engimmune's protein engineering toolbox is closely intertwined with the novel methodologies and approaches developed by Prof. Reddy in the Laboratory of Systems and Synthetic Immunology at ETH Zürich. Prof. Reddy’s group has extensively used genome editing, deep sequencing and machine learning to develop synthetic immune cell platforms for a number of applications in molecular and cellular immunotherapy . This work forms the basis of all Engimmune’s proprietary TCR therapy discovery platforms.

TCR engineering is challenging but essential for developing potent and safe TCR based therapies.

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Engimmune’s technology platforms add a functional dimension to the TCR engineering process and cover the entire value chain of TCR-based therapies.

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TCR-Engine: Applying Engimmune’s toolbox for the generation of potent and specific TCRs.

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