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Engineering precision immunotherapy

Engimmune's approach

Engimmune Therapeutics is a world-class developer of targeted, highly potent ‘off-the-shelf’ soluble T-cell receptor drugs (TCRs) to treat solid tumour cancers. Our cutting-edge proprietary platform technologies enable us to rapidly identify and engineer multi-specific soluble TCRs for extremely high target affinity, enhanced stability, and superior safety to trigger potent and durable immune cell responses against solid tumours.


Our AI-guided protein engineering platforms are designed to overcome important challenges associated with soluble TCR development, unlocking thousands of new targets to develop transformative treatments for solid cancers and immune-mediated diseases.


We are rapidly advancing programs that couple efficacy with off-the-shelf use to deliver safer, more potent therapeutics for cancers with high unmet medical need. Our lead asset is currently in preclinical development, and we have a robust pipeline of novel and fast-follower programs, all supported by our technology platforms and designed to address underserved oncology and autoimmune indications.

View our news and publications to follow our progress.

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