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Founders & Management

Engimmune was co-founded in 2021 by Dr. Rodrigo Vazquez-Lombardi, Prof. Sai Reddy and Dr. Søren Mouritsen based on inventions by Dr. Vazquez-Lombardi, who serves as the company CSO, and Prof. Reddy, who serves on the Scientific Advisory Board. 


Dr. Søren Mouritsen is a serial entrepreneur, immunologist and pioneer in the Scandinavian biotech industry and serves as the company CEO. Prof. Bent Jakobsen, a pioneer in TCR-based therapies (co-founder and former CSO of Adaptimmune and Immunocore) serves as Chairman of Engimmune’s Board.

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Søren Mouritsen, MD, DrMSc

Co-Founder & CEO

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Rodrigo Vazquez-Lombardi, PhD

Co-Founder and CSO

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Sai Reddy, PhD

Co-Founder and SAB

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Bent Jakobsen, PhD

Chairman of the Board