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Science and Technology Approach

TCR-based therapies are an emerging class of drugs, which are broadly divided into TCR-redirected T cell therapies (TCR-T) and soluble TCR biologics (sTCRs) and leverage TCR recognition of cancer antigens (e.g., tumour-associated antigens) to promote targeted cytotoxicity. TCR-based therapies also open possibilities for entirely new mechanisms of action for the treatment of autoimmunity.

When developing TCR-T or sTCR therapies it is technically challenging to identify highly potent TCRs with no relevant off-target activity as well as to ensure durable anti-tumour responses, including potent activation of effector functions. 


Engimmune’s platform technologies have been developed to address the multiple challenges affecting the TCR-based therapeutic discovery and development process, offering innovative high-throughput solutions to TCR engineering and safety screening. Therefore, Engimmune is uniquely positioned  to address key issues in the TCR-based immunotherapy field, most notably through the discovery and development of highly potent and specific TCR-based therapeutic products.